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Committees Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)

Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)

ECOSOC_Chair_Seimonee Fernandes.jpg

Dear Delegates,

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the VHMUN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). My name is Seimonee Fernandes and I will be chairing your committee for what will prove to be three days of exciting debate and awesome experiences. I am currently a second year student at Russell Square International College studying a Business Course. Recently, I helped depict entrepreneurial and enterprising skills in managing a much acclaimed musical, Oliver Twist, for the Running Miles Production House and plan on continuing working with them since Literature has always fascinated me. This will be my sixth year participating in a MUN and my fourth year in a chairing position and I could not be more excited. After graduation I plan to earn a Master’s Degree in Business.

ECOSOC is one of the most important bodies of the United Nations. Not only is it one of the 6 main organ bodies but it also covers some of the most serious topics. Under ECOSOC are committees such as the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, which are critical for the smooth function of the United Nations itself. The economic and social issues of our world are some of the most pressing, which further highlights the importance of ECOSOC as a committee and the importance of the work we carry out during VHMUN 4 simulating this prestigious and powerful body.

We will be covering two topics during the course of the weekend. The first debates the promotion of economic and social prosperity in post conflict countries. With the recent examples of Libya, Tunisia and Egypt, one can notice that an abrupt change in leadership by means of a revolution or foreign intervention is not by far the only necessary step in securing a nation’s future. For example, in Libya, the huge number of weapons that flooded the country led to tribal wars that still divide the ethnically inhomogeneous nation. In Egypt, the ousting of Mubarak created a huge divide within the country which continues to lead to the loss of human life. Conflict areas have unsaturated economic markets and unemployment. The second topic covers the high level policy with international financial and trade institutions. Although developed countries financially support the developing ones, still the flow of money is greatly disproportionate. It is widely believed that a large number of human rights abuses are being caused by international corporations which do not have to respect the same strict rules which apply to countries. In this context a more restrictive and transparent system can represent a solution.

I am so excited to hear the debate and resolution proposals for these two controversial, complicated, and complex topics.

I look forward to meeting you all and best of luck with your research!


Seimonee Fernandes.

Chair - ECOSOC


Dear Delegates

My name is Ansh Mehta and I have the honour of serving as the Co Chair of ECOSOC once again in this simulation of the VIBGYOR HIGH Model United Nations 4.ECOSOC_Co Chair_Ansh Mehta

I have completed my A Level and I am pursuing a degree in Film and Television. I started taking part in MUNs in AS level and my interest in this form of debating has grown with every passing MUN. I am currently working in all possible departments that are concerned with Film and Television to gain more knowledge and work experience before I join university. I am a part of the Casting and Creative team of BBC Worldwide and I’ve also been assisting a director for a show on Channel V. Recently, I have written and directed a film of my own that will soon be presented at various short film festivals in India.

The topics for our committee, this year, are extremely challenging as well as highly debatable. I am looking forward to some interesting views as well as informative arguments. I expect to have an amazing time at the conference while striving to reach diplomatic solutions.

Looking forward to seeing you at VHMUN 4!


Ansh Mehta

Co Chair - ECOSOC



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